VetVeterans education benefits certification guide

Veterans education benefits certification guide

A comprehensive guide for certifying veterans for benefits can be accessed on the website of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Education Service. Additionally new certifying officials can refer to the Connecticut Certifying Officials Introductory Guide.

To apply for these benefits application forms are readily available at VA offices and active duty stations. It is recommended that certifying officials always keep a supply of these forms on hand. These forms can also be obtained from VA offices. Before applying for VA benefits it is important to complete an application for admission to the institution. As the students application forms do not include enrollment certification data it is advisable for claimants to bring their completed applications and supporting documents to the school certifying official.

This will enable them to submit all documents together with Form 22 1999 (Enrollment Certification). Students have up to one year from the start date of their training program to file an application and receive benefits from that date onwards. Upon receiving an application claimants will be sent an Acknowledgment of Receipt of Claim which includes an official VA claim number that should be used in all future correspondence, with VA and the school.

Form #22-1990 Application for Education Benefits
Form #28-1900 Disabled Veterans Application for Vocational Rehabilitation
Form #22-5490 Application For Survivors’ and Dependents’ Educational Assistance
Form #22-8889 Application For Educational Assistance Test Program Benefits
Form #22-1995 Request For Change Of Program Or Place Of Training
Form #22-5495 Request For Change Of Program Or Place Of Training: Survivors’ and Dependents Educational Assistance
Form # 4-5281 Application For Refund Of Educational Contributions
Form #21-8924 Application For Benefits Under The Provisions Of Section 156, Public Law 97-377

Award Letter

Once payment of education benefits is approved VA will send an award letter to the student. One copy of this letter will be provided and its usually generated by computer.

Availability of Educational/Vocational Counseling (Chapters 30 31 32 35 1606 and Section 903)The certifying official should make sure to inform applicants for VA benefits, about the availability of professional counseling services provided by the VA when they submit their application.

Supporting Proof

When veterans of the Armed Forces are discharged from service they receive a document called DD Form 214 also known as the Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty. To substantiate their claims individuals submitting Form 22 1990 should attach a copy of their DD Form 214 as supporting evidence. Typically they are provided with copy number 4.

Therefore when applying for VA benefits it is necessary to submit either copy #4 of DD Form 214 or a certified duplicate of that page. The original service documents will always be returned by the VA to the veteran. If needed a photocopy of DD Form 214 can also speed up inquiries made to the service department. Eligible reservists receive a Notice of Basic Eligibility (NOBE) the Selected Reserve Educational Assistance Program (GI BILL) in the form of DD Form 2384, from their National Guard or Reserve component.

Certificate of Eligibility

In cases where VA receives an application form that lacks an Enrollment Certification but meets eligibility requirements and has an approved program selected by the student they may issue a Certificate of Eligibility (C/E) in the form of Form 22 1993a.

There are two copies of the Certificate of Eligibility (C/E). The C/E is valid for the specific institution and program mentioned. Students need to provide a copy of the certificate to the certifying official at their school. This ensures that the school knows that the student is eligible for VA benefits.

It’s important to note that having a Certificate of Eligibility is not mandatory. It simply means that VA has reviewed and confirmed the students eligibility for the education program along with any relevant limitations. If a student doesn’t have a C/E it generally means they haven’t applied for an education program or their eligibility, for that specific program hasn’t been determined yet.

Certifying Officials; Important Information

Reporting Fees to Institutions;

Every December VA compiles a list of students who received assistance during October that year for each institution. Institutions receive compensation based on the number of enrolled students who’re eligible for benefits. The compensation rate is $7 per student.

However if an institution provides a payment or a check from an education loan the compensation rate increases to $11 for that particular student. Before receiving any reporting fee payment from the VA, an authorized individual at the institution must confirm that the institution is diligently meeting all relevant requirements stated in 38 U.S.C.

Access to Information

information regarding VA benefits can be obtained by writing or calling the regional office. Toll free numbers are available for your convenience. It is advisable for each student to create a folder where they can keep copies of all correspondence and documents related to their assistance.

Approval Process;

In general it is the responsibility of the VA to determine the eligibility of veterans. The State Approving Agency (SAA) is responsible for approving or disapproving programs and courses of instruction. This allows educational assistance benefits to be paid to veterans and other eligible individuals under VA administered programs.

To ensure this process it is necessary for the school to send two copies of their catalog to the appropriate state approving agency. These catalogs must be certified by a school official as accurate in terms of content and policy. Once published they should be promptly submitted to the SAA. If any new programs or courses are established after the catalog is published requests, for their approval can be sent to the SAA via letter.

Reporting to the VA Regional Office

Informing the VA about changes in enrollment over a phone call during the second half of a month will help prevent overpayment of benefits. Its recommended that any telephonic notice regarding reduced training time or withdrawal from the institution be confirmed in writing, by submitting Form 22 1999b to the VA.

Advertising, Sales, or Enrollment Practices

Institutions that employ advertising, sales or enrollment practices are not allowed to use any form of misleading or information. It is important for approved institutions to maintain records and copies of all their advertising, sales and enrollment materials for a period of 12 months. These materials should be made available for inspection by the SAA during visits and by VA during compliance surveys.

Examples of materials include direct mail pieces, brochures, printed literature used by sales representatives, films, videocassettes, audio tapes used in broadcast media as well as material disseminated through print media like leaflets. It is crucial that the advertisements do not create an exaggerated impression, about the institutions personnel, courses offered and other aspects.

VA Publications and Forms;

To obtain copies of forms please write to;

Department of Veterans Affairs
Regional Office. Publications Department
P.O. Box 310909
Newington, CT 06131 0909

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