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The primary goal of the Office of Higher Education is to support and encourage the opportunities for education among residents of each state. It also advocates for the rights of students, taxpayers and the educational institutions that fall under its authority. To accomplish this objective the office focuses on ensuring that students have access, to quality academic institutions. Furthermore it supervises programs aimed at providing assistance to students and serves as a reliable source of information and consumer protection.


The editorial team diligently seeks current information on health regulations and medical research. We collaborate with experts from top universities and medical facilities, citing peer-reviewed research in our articles. Our content adheres to the Ctohe Editorial Guidelines , maintaining objectivity and balance.


Our extensive network of contributors includes seasoned health journalists, physicians (MDs, ODs, VMDs), nurses (RNs, MSNs, PHNs), and specialists in various health-related fields (PharmDs, PhDs, MPHs). Drawing on real-world clinical experience and current research, our authors provide deep insights into complex issues.

We are committed to representation and diversity within our team of contributors, striving to include a broad range of genders, ages, and ethnicities. Through this approach, we strive to understand the diverse needs and considerations of our audience, so that we can better serve them.


At Ctohe, accuracy of content is paramount. To reinforce this commitment, we are continually expanding our Board of Medical Advisors. This distinguished group of distinguished PhDs and MDs meticulously reviews and refines Ctohe’s work, ensuring an unwavering level of excellence and accuracy.


At Ctohe, our content department works diligently to nurture and grow both the community of contributors and the Board of Medical Advisors, with the goal of diversifying the topics Ctohe covers. We are constantly exploring new ways to improve our content, with the overarching goal of positively impacting the health of people nationally and globally.