POSARevisions to Authorization

Revisions to Authorization

Updating Courses or Programs

Please submit the revised application sections to the Office of Higher Education at 60 days prior to making any changes to the authorization conditions. These changes may include adding, removing or modifying courses or programs. All documents should be in PDF format.

Change of School Name

For any intended change of school name please submit application sections to the Office of Higher Education at least 60 days in advance. All documents should be, in PDF format.

Please submit sections to the Office of Higher Education at least 60 days prior to any intended revisions of the Conditions of Authorization. All documents are, in PDF format.Here are the instructions for the application;

Next we have some forms and documents that need to be completed;

Please also provide information about the programs courses;

We’ll also need some details, about your library;

Additionally we require information regarding student records;

Please review and complete the following agreements and documents;

Lastly there are a few documents to consider;

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