POSAFrequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit a new school application and complete it later by submitting the remaining documents?

No your application must be submitted in its entirety. This includes not the application form but also other required documents such as the financial forecast and irrevocable letter of credit.

What exactly is an Irrevocable Letter of Credit?

An Irrevocable Letter of Credit is a document used to ensure that schools fulfill their payment obligations towards the occupational school student protection account as outlined in section 10a 22u of the Connecticut General Statutes. The letter of credit should amount to $40,000. Must be issued by a Connecticut bank. It serves as a safeguard in case a school fails to make payments into the account. If theres an improper closure leading to tuition refunds, for students.

What does it mean to be an occupational school or a barber/hairdresser school?

It refers to individuals organizations, partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies or any other entity that provides instruction in trades, industries, commerce or service occupations in exchange for payment or rewards. These schools do not grant degrees. Do not offer college credits.

What is the role of the Office of Higher Education?

The Office of Higher Education ensures consumer protection for students and prospective students. They collaborate with schools to ensure compliance with state laws and regulations.

How can I apply to become a career school?

To apply you can refer to the Initial/Renewal Application. Get in touch with the Office of Higher Education. They will provide you with the information and guidance.

What kinds of schools are authorized by the Office of Higher Education?

The Office of Higher Education has approved a range of schools that offer vocational training programs leading to entry level employment opportunities. These programs cover fields such as barber/hairdressing, electronics, automotive training, dog grooming, bartending, certified nursing assistance (CNA) and massage therapy.

Which types of schools are exempt from authorization, by the Office of Higher Education?

Schools that offer supervised and controlled instruction, firms or organizations providing training for their employees and schools authorized by the General Assembly to grant degrees are exempt from requiring authorization.

How often do schools need to renew their authorizations?

Schools are required to go through an authorization process, followed by three annual renewal visits. After the annual visit a school may be eligible for an extended authorization period of up to five years.

What is the distinction between authorization and accreditation?

Authorization is granted by the Executive Director of the Office of Higher Education allowing a school to operate in Connecticut. This serves as the level of approval. Once a school receives this approval it can choose to seek accreditation, from an accrediting council recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Accreditation involves meeting evaluation standards set by an accrediting council. A school that meets these standards and receives accreditation may then apply for Title IV financial aid participation.

Is it possible for me to operate a school while my application is being processed?

No in Connecticut only schools that have been approved by the Executive Director of the Office of Higher Education are allowed to operate. Submitting an application indicates your intention to become approved. It does not guarantee that you have met all the necessary requirements for authorization.

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