POSAEligibility requirements

Eligibility requirements

Authorization refers to the determination made by the Office of Higher Education (as amended by Public Act 11 48) that your school has met the following requirements as outlined in Section 10a 22b(c) of the Connecticut General Statutes;

  • Upon completion of a course or program the school grants students appropriate educational credentials such as certificates or diplomas.
  • The school maintains records to track attendance, grades and other indicators of student progress. Attendance and student performance standards are strictly enforced.
  • Financial stability is an aspect of the schools operations. This is verified through a review of audited financial statements to ensure that the school can fulfill its commitments to students.
  • The courses and programs offered are of quality and adequately align, with their stated objectives.
  • A comprehensive catalog is provided to students and interested individuals detailing course and program descriptions, objectives, duration, tuition fees well as school policies covering attendance, grading, graduation, job placement. Additionally information regarding cancellation and refund policies is included.
  • The school possesses space, equipment, instructional materials and staff to effectively deliver instruction.
  • Directors, administrators, supervisors and instructors must possess qualifications to ensure that students receive education in line with the intended objectives of each course or program.
  • If applicable, any housing provided by the school for students is both safe and adequate in quality.

Furthermore as a condition of authorization your school is required to make all payments as mandated by law. This includes fulfilling all obligations, towards the Private Occupational School Student Protection Account.

Furthermore your school is required to inform the Office of Higher Education at sixty days in advance if there are any planned modifications to the terms of authorization. These revisions may include,. Are not limited to changes in (1) courses and programs offered; (2) ownership structure of the school; (3) name of the institution; (4) physical location of the school and other associated facilities; and (5) alterations, in tuition rates and fees.

Jayson Peterson is an experienced pharmacist, naturopathic physician, medical examiner, and minister. After earning his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the Medical University of South Carolina, Jayson Peterson completed clinical rotations at several prestigious healthcare institutions and has been affiliated with several pharmacy chains throughout his career. His main passion and zeal is focused on providing world-class patient care by giving precise details and thorough instructions to those who need it most.


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