POSATo close a school or branch

To close a school or branch

Here are the steps you need to follow to close a school or branch;

  1. Begin by notifying the Office of Higher Education in writing least sixty (60) days before the planned closure. Once they receive your letter they will respond in writing. Provide you with all the necessary procedures you need to follow.
  2. Make sure that all current students have either completed their coursework or will be able to complete it before the closure. If there are any students who haven’t finished their training please provide us with their contact information. Expected completion dates so that they can assist them in transferring to other institutions where they can continue their studies.
  3. Double check that there are no refunds owed to any of the students.
  4. Inform the Office of Higher Education about your decision regarding record maintenance as outlined in Section 10a 22k 5(f) of the Regulations of State Agencies. You can choose to keep the records yourself according to these regulations or file them with the Executive Director of the Office of Higher Education.

These steps ensure a process, for closing a school or branch while fulfilling all necessary requirements set forth by regulatory authorities. The school must. Maintain certain records of students indefinitely. These include the admission and cumulative records, which include test results, academic grades, attendance well as the names and permanent addresses of each student.

It is also important to note the date when each student started their education at the school. Additionally there should be a copy of the individual enrollment agreement for each student along with information about any programs they have been or are currently enrolled in. This information should include details such as program name, length in terms of clock or credit hours and tuition payments made per calendar quarter. Finally it is necessary to record the date of instruction or course completion.

Make sure that all payments to the Private Occupational School Student Protection Account have been made if applicable and that all required reports have been submitted.

Please fill out. Return the Affidavit of Requirements for School Closure (POSA AP Page 44).

Please fill out. Return the Designation of Agent for Service and Maintenance of Records (POSA AP Pages 45 and 46).

Return the Certificate of Authorization for the school or any branches.

Once these steps are completed if relevant they will return the Irrevocable Letter of Credit to its originating bank, for cancellation.

Jayson Peterson is an experienced pharmacist, naturopathic physician, medical examiner, and minister. After earning his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the Medical University of South Carolina, Jayson Peterson completed clinical rotations at several prestigious healthcare institutions and has been affiliated with several pharmacy chains throughout his career. His main passion and zeal is focused on providing world-class patient care by giving precise details and thorough instructions to those who need it most.


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