GermanyParticipating Universities in Baden Württemberg (BW)

Participating Universities in Baden Württemberg (BW)


Situated in Baden Württembergs capital city, the history of the University of Stuttgart dates back to 1829 when it was initially founded as an trade high school. By 1890 it transformed into a college before finally becoming a comprehensive university in 1967. Presently Stuttgart houses 120 departments across 14 schools. Notable schools include architecture and city planning along with space engineering. The University of Stuttgart excels across all branches of engineering while maintaining a focus on natural sciences and mathematics. Those interested in arts will find impressive course offerings available within humanities and social sciences. Comparisons can be drawn between the University of Stuttgart and prestigious institutions, like MIT or California Polytech.

The International Office of the University of Stuttgart


Founded in 1967 and located along the banks of the Danube River Ulm University focuses its curriculum on medicine, mathematics and various sciences such as electrical engineering and computer science. Unfortunately Ulm does not offer programs in humanities and social sciences except for economics. Bordering Bavaria it takes one hour to reach Stuttgart from Ulm and an hour and a half to get to Munich.


Nestled amidst hills where the Neckar River converges with the Rhine plain Heidelberg houses the prestigious University of Heidelberg. Adorned by the Heidelberg Castle this university is seamlessly integrated within the citys historic fabric. With its history dating back to the 14th century it has fostered excellence in liberal arts education. Moreover it has emerged as a leading institution for sciences and medicine. Additionally it provides a program for teaching German as a foreign language.


Hohenheim University is Stuttgarts esteemed educational institution. Its origins can be traced back, to 1818 when an agricultural research and teaching institute was established. Over time this institute flourished into a college dedicated to agriculture before evolving into a fully fledged university in 1967.

While Hohenheim University places importance on the fields of biology and agriculture including animal science it also offers a diverse range of programs in economics, business administration, nutritional sciences and communications.


The University of Karlsruhe was established in 1825 as a school with just 250 students. Today it has grown into a technical university comparable to institutions like MIT or California Polytech. Karlsruhe offers degrees in 40 disciplines with its prominent programs being civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science and the natural sciences. It also provides offerings in the humanities and social sciences.


Founded in 1967 the University of Konstanz is best known for its program in political science and public administration. The university is located on a campus with close proximity between its various buildings. Situated on the shores of Lake Konstanz (Bodensee) Konstanz is surrounded by Switzerland and Austria.


Situated on the outskirts of the Swabian Alb region and benefiting from the tranquility provided by the gently flowing Neckar river Tübingens University is an integral part of a genuine university town. With 85,000 residents more than a third are either students or employees of the university. Established in 1477 Tübingen University now offers a range of academic disciplines encompassing both traditional liberal arts and computer science. Furthermore Tübingen University provides an array of courses in Deutsch als Fremdsprache (German as a Foreign Language).

The International Office at the University of Tübingen


The University of Freiburg is renowned for its breathtaking beauty. Enjoys one of the most pleasant climates in Germany. Situated in a valley on the western edge of the Black Forest it holds the distinction of being Germanys second oldest university, established in 1457. The university offers a range of liberal arts courses and boasts a comprehensive program for teaching German as a foreign language.


Dating back to 1907 when it was initially established as a school of commerce and business the University of Mannheim offers an environment that grants easy access, to some of Baden Wuerttembergs largest business firms and cultural hubs.

The University of Mannheim established in 1967 is renowned for its business administration and economics program. It also holds a reputation in the social sciences, including history and education as well as offering exceptional programs in the humanities, such as modern and ancient languages. Not is Mannheim consistently ranked as the top business school in Germany but it also enjoys high esteem throughout Europe.

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