ARCFinancial Assistance, Program Costs & Refunds

Financial Assistance, Program Costs & Refunds


Unfortunately the ARC Program does not offer the option to defer admission to a program year. This is because program requirements, tuition fees and certification offerings may change in the future. However we encourage applicants who’re unable to accept admission to re apply for a future program.


For those admitted into the ARC Program there is an opportunity to apply for loans provided by the Connecticut Higher Education Supplemental Loan Authority (CHESLA). You can find information about these loans here. If you’re interested in loans we recommend applying at the same time you apply to ARC. This will ensure that your eligibility for tuition assistance is known when you are accepted into the program. The funds must be received by ARC on or before the specified deposit and tuition balance dates.

Withdrawal and Tuition Refund Policy

Application Fee (non refundable); $125.00
Deposit ( refundable); $2,000.00 (will be applied towards total tuition balance)

If you decide to withdraw from the program and request a tuition refund you need to submit a written request, to the ARC Office. The amount of refund will depend on the tuition balance paid (after deducting the refundable deposit of $2,000.00) and will follow specific timelines according to the program guidelines.

Date of refund request

Refund Amount

Prior to but not including the first day of Program

100% of tuition balance

Within the first calendar week of class

60% of tuition balance

Within the second and third week of class

40% of tuition balance

No refund will be issued once the fourth week of class has begun

The estimated cost for tuition and additional fees in the ARC Program is $6,500.

Costs of the Program

To secure a spot in the program applicants need to submit a refundable deposit and a letter of intent to enroll before the designated date. The remaining tuition balance must be paid by the specified date mentioned in the program year calendar and admissions documents. You can make payments using credit card. By sending a check or money order. It’s important to note that ARC candidates are not eligible for assistance through Free Application for Federal Candidate Aid (FAFSA) or federal Stafford Loans.

Veteran Benefits

Please note that Connecticut tuition waivers for veterans cannot be used to cover costs associated with the ARC Program. However if you are eligible for Veterans Administration (VA) education benefits it’s important that you contact ARC after admission in order to certify your enrollment with the VA. Military Connected candidates (including duty personnel, veterans or spouses/dependents of active duty or veteran personnel) accepted into the ARC program will receive a 50% discount, on their tuition fees.

The ARC program will waive fees for VA candidates until they receive tuition and fee funds from the VA. However if the eligibility of VA candidates is than 100% fees may be prorated based on the percentage of charges not covered by VA benefits.

For members of the duty and retired military there is a program called Troops to Teachers that assists them in starting new careers as teachers in public schools. Eligible participants can receive aid of up to $5,000 to cover expenses related to becoming a certified teacher. In return they are required to teach for three years in a school located in a “need” district. If they choose to teach in a school with a number of students from low income families there is an additional bonus available.

In order for schools to qualify for Troops to Teachers funding and support they must be designated as low income schools. This means that least 40% of the children in the school attendance area or at least 40% of enrolled students must come from low income families eligible for federal Title I funds. The percentage of low income families is typically determined by the number of students receiving reduced price lunch. The program also provides assistance, with job referrals and placement. To find advice and get in touch with state assistance offices you can visit their website.

The RESC MTR Alliance, known as Regional Education Service Center Minority Teacher Recruiting was created by the Connecticut General Assembly. It is a collaboration between six Connecticut Regional Education Service Centers and the public districts they serve. The RESC MTR Alliance receives funding from the General Assembly and allocations from the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE). If there are funds individuals accepted into the ARC program will receive an application.

As part of TEACH Connecticut applicants have the opportunity to apply for a reimbursement of up to $100 towards their ARC application fee. Additionally they can also apply for a chance to win a $1,000 TEACH Connecticut Scholarship for their participation, in ARC.

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