ARCFrequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How long does the Student Practicum. Where does it take place?

During the program year students are required to complete a full time practicum. The practicum spans 40 school days and is scheduled individually to commence in late winter or early spring.

Students have the option to work in a school under a Durational Shortage Area Permit (DSAP) or, as a Long Term Substitute (LTS) while fulfilling their student practicum assignment. However it’s important that the DSAP or LTS assignment meets all requirements set by the ARC program.
Before your DSAP application can be approved or a student practicum placement can be assigned you will need to take and pass either the PII or ACTFL tests.

Also as, per the certification requirements of the State Department of Education all ARC candidates must. Successfully complete the edTPA Assessment.

2. Is it possible for me to continue working time while participating in the ARC Program?

Certainly! You can definitely maintain your full time employment long as you can arrange a leave of absence during the program to fully engage in the practicum.

3. Does ARC have any summer programs
ARC does not offer any summer programs at this time.

4. Where is the program located and what are the program dates?
The upcoming hybrid ARC program for 2022 will take place from September 17 2022 to May 25 2023. The class schedule will be as follows;

  • Online classes will be conducted on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6;00 PM to 9;00 PM.
  • In person classes will be held in Hartford on two Saturdays each month from 8;30 AM, to 3;30 PM.
  • During the program year completion of a full time practicum is required. The practicum consists of 40 school days and is individually scheduled to commence in late winter or early spring.

5. Are Praxis Core, Praxis II or ACTFL scores?

To meet the application deadline it is required that official passing scores for Praxis Core, Praxis II or ACTFL be received.

For the Praxis Core Academic Skills Test passing scores are as follows; reading (156) writing (162) and math (150). When registering with ETS please include code 3007 to have your scores electronically sent to ARC. In case you have achieved minimum scores on the SAT, ACT, GRE or PAA exams as outlined in the provided document you may be eligible for a Praxis Core waiver. You can find the application for the waiver here. If sending SAT or ACT scores to ARC directly please include code 7014 (SAT/CollegeBoard) and code 8965 (ACT). Please note that Praxis Core waiver requests will only be reviewed and approved once we receive your application.

For all certification areas except World Language applicants; official passing scores on the Praxis II test are required. Remember to include code 3007 when registering with ETS to ensure your scores are sent electronically to ARC.

World Language applicants must provide official passing scores on the ACTFL exam. For information, about this requirement kindly refer to Section V of the ARC Catalog.

PII tests or ACTFL do not have any exemptions.

For information, about additional testing please refer to the ARC Catalog below.

6. How can I determine if I meet all the admission requirements?

To be eligible for acceptance at ARC all applicants must fulfill the admission criteria. This includes completing a degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education and achieving a passing score on either the relevant PII content assessment test or meeting the required scores on ACTFL OPI and WPT before the application deadline.

For Praxis II Subject Area Tests please refer to the required test score information provided below.

Test Name  Test #  Passing Score 
PRAXIS Core – Reading, Writing, Math  5752  see below
PRAXIS Core – Reading  5713 156
PRAXIS Core – Writing  5723 162
PRAXIS Core – Math  5733 150
Biology (030)  5235  152
Business Education (010)  5101  154
Chemistry (031)  5245  151
Earth Science (033)  5571  157
English (015)  5039  168
General Science (034)  5435  157
Family Consumer Science (045)  5122  153
Math (029)  5161  160
Music (049)  5114  162
Physics (032)  5265  141
Technology Education (047)  5051  159

It’s important to note that testing information is not determined by ARC and may be subject to change. Candidates should always consult ETS Testing Requirements for Praxis related information. Refer to the Guide for Educator Assessments in CT for Connecticut specific testing requirements.

Regarding ACTFL (World Language) Tests please find the required score information below.

World Languages 



French, German, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese

Advanced Low

Advanced Low

Russian, Mandarin Chinese and other world languages

Intermediate High 

Intermediate High

Passing scores are determined by the CT State Department of Education. Are subject to change. Applicants should consult the Guide for Educator Assessments in CT for Connecticut testing requirements.

If you are applying to ARC in World Languages, registration, for ACTFL exams is done through Language Testing. Please ensure that you submit a copy of your OPI and WPT test results directly to ARC by the application deadline. It’s worth noting that there are no examinations required specifically for Latin.

Lastly it’s important to remember that both OPI and WPT exams require a proctor.
Teachers who are interested in proctoring services can reach out to a building administrator or supervisor in their school district. Sylvan Learning Centers also offer proctoring services. You can find information about this here.

For your application to be considered complete make sure you submit all the required application documents and achieve passing test scores. Only complete applications will be reviewed to determine if you meet ARCs eligibility requirements. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Before making an admission decision ARC conducts interviews, with all qualified candidates.

7. Is there a GPA requirement?

Applicants should have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.00 or they can fulfill this requirement by successfully completing 24 or more semester hours of graduate study with a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher. If applicants don’t meet either of these criteria they will need to apply for a GPA Waiver as part of the application.

8. What is required for references?

Your references should be individuals who can speak to your qualifications and highlight your skills and potential as a future teacher. The Admissions Committee will review these references along with your application. It’s important to select people from your background who can best showcase your ability to participate effectively in ARC and eventually become an impactful educator. You can find reference forms in the ARC Application.

9. Are degrees earned outside the United States accepted?

If you have obtained a bachelors degree from a U.S. Institution you will need to have your credentials evaluated by agencies approved by the Connecticut State Department of Education.

10. What is the mailing address and contact information for ARC?

Mailing Address for ARC Office;
Office of Higher Education
Attention; Alternate Route to Certification
450 Columbus Blvd. Suite 707
Hartford, CT 06103

When sending documents to the ARC office please avoid using methods that require a signature.

If you prefer to drop off documents in person you can do so at 450 Columbus Boulevard on the street level. There is a mail slot specifically designated for the CT Department of Education. Please note that ARC staff members are not available to collect hand delivered documents.

For any email correspondence you can reach out to ARC at [email protected]. Additionally you can visit TEACH Connecticuts website at

11. Is aid available?

Loans for ARC are available through CHESLA (Connecticut Higher Education Supplemental Loan Authority). However it’s important to note that ARC applicants are not eligible for Title IV funding provided through the Free Application, for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
If you have an account with TEACH Connecticut you can receive a reimbursement for the $100 application fee. Apply for a scholarship worth $1,000.

10. Is it possible to obtain certification in art, bilingual education, early childhood education, elementary education, social studies/history, physical education, special education or TESOL/ELL through ARC?

Unfortunately ARC does not offer these endorsements.

12. I currently teach at a public school. How can I obtain certification?

Teachers from public schools can apply for certification if they meet Connecticuts requirements. For any inquiries please reach out to the Connecticut State Department of Education’s Bureau of Educator Standards and Certification at 860 713 6969 or [email protected].

13. I am already certified in Connecticut. How do I go about getting certified or cross endorsed in another subject?

For information, on obtaining certification or cross endorsement in another subject please contact the Connecticut State Department of Education’s Bureau of Educator Standards and Certification at 860 713 6969 or [email protected].

14. If I am a certified teacher from another state/country, how do I get certified in Connecticut?

If you’re a certified teacher from another state or country and want to obtain certification in Connecticut you should reach out to the State of Connecticut Department of Educations Bureau of Educator Standards and Certification. You can contact them at 860 713 6969. Send an email to [email protected]. Before getting in touch with the Department of Education it’s advisable to go through their publication for information.

15. Will I be certified if I successfully complete the ARC program?

Once you successfully complete the ARC program please refer to the ARC Catalog for details on program completion. What steps to take next. Additionally you can find explanations on the ARC Website.

16. How will I know if I am missing anything before I submit my application? How will I know if I am missing anything after I submit my application?

To ensure that your application is complete before submission and to check if anything is missing afterwards keep in mind that enrollment for the 2022 2023 Program will open on April 11 2022. Once enrollment starts you’ll be able to access the ARC Application for Admission and application instructions on the ARC Website. The Addendum page of the ARC Catalog provides information about the program application deadline and notification of admission.

Remember that your application won’t be reviewed unless it is fully completed with all required documents received by the ARC Office including passing test scores. It’s your responsibility, as an applicant to monitor your application status through their system.
To ensure that a candidates application is considered complete it is important to submit all the application documents and passing test scores. Only complete applications will be reviewed to determine if the candidate meets ARCs eligibility requirements. It is the responsibility of applicants to keep track of their application status through their account. Once applicants have submitted their application and ARC has received the required application fee they can view the status of their application online. All application materials, including test scores must be received by the specified deadline for consideration.

17. When will I be notified if my program acceptance?

Please refer to the Admissions Process section provided in the ARC Catalog for information regarding program acceptance dates.

18. Additional resources.

TEACH Connecticut;

Sign up for a 30 minute one on one coaching call;

Apply for reimbursement of up to $100 for your ARC application fee;

Enter, for a chance to win a $1,000 scholarship;

19. I have previously applied to ARC. Can I submit another application?

ARC keeps track of submitted test scores and official transcripts for a period of two years for applicants who were not admitted. Previous applicants are required to re apply in order to ensure that ARC has an updated application along with a resume, recent references and any additional required documents. Remember that previous applicants will need to pay the refundable application fee.

20. Could you provide an overview of what the ARC program entails?

The ARC program is a program that includes an orientation, Foundations of Teaching course a Methods course specific to your enrolled content area, Saturday Seminars and a practicum throughout the program year.

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