ARCARC certification process

ARC certification process

To obtain certification through the Alternate Route to Certification Program (ARC) candidates must fulfill requirements. These include completing core and methods program assignments participating in a student practicum passing the Praxis II or ACTFL exams meeting prerequisite coursework and application criteria and complying with any program policies and state certification regulations that may have been implemented after their admission to ARC.

Upon being recommended for certification ARC graduates will receive two forms; the Statement of Preparing Higher Education Form ED 125 and the Application for a 90 day Certificate ED 172. Initial copies of both forms are provided at no cost.

Starting from July 1 2015 there is a $10 fee for each copy of the ED 125 requested. Payment can be made by check or money order payable to “Treasurer. State of CT” and should be mailed to the ARC Office along, with the appropriate return address. Only requests sent by mail with payment will be honored.

To apply for your certificate, which is the Temporary 90 Day Certificate you need to complete both the ED 125 and ED 172 forms. Additionally you must submit college transcripts.

To apply for a 90 Day Certificate ARC graduates need to be hired by a Connecticut public school. They can. Secure a permanent teaching position (full or part time) or serve as a long term substitute for at least 90 days in a subject and grade related to their ARC training. If ARC graduates work part time (than 50% or. 4) they will have to renew their temporary certificate and serve an additional 90 days with the time being pro rated. It’s important to note that the Temporary 90 Day Certificate is only granted in the graduates area of study.

Initial Educator Certificate

Up to two weeks before your Temporary 90 day Certificate expires you can apply for an Initial Educator Certificate if you are employed time (more than 50% or.5 or more). To apply for an Initial Educator Certificate you will need to submit a completed ED 172A Form with a recommendation from a district superintendent or designee. The recommendation for the Initial Educator Certificate must be, from the district that requested your Temporary 90 Day Certificate.

All new teachers working under the Initial Educator Certificate must participate in the TEAM (Teacher Education and Mentoring) Program. The CT State Department of Education and Regional Education Service Centers (RESCs) oversee TEAM, which involves mentoring and written modules.

Regarding the date of the Temporary 90 Day Certificate

  • If an application is submitted after the start of employment the Certificate becomes effective on the day when the application is received and recorded by the CT State Department of Education.
  • The hiring district should indicate the contracted teaching days (not calendar days) spanning 90 days in Part IV of the ED 172 Form.
  • If an application is submitted prior to the day of employment the Certificate will become effective, on that initial employment date specified in the application.

Status of Qualified

The signed ED 125 Form and/or the Temporary 90 Day Certificate indicate that an ARC graduate is recognized as highly qualified. This recognition is supported by completing Praxis II or ACTFL and going through the ARC Program.

Other Certification Options

  • To be eligible for a Minor Assignment, a minimum of 12 credits in the content area is required.
  • The application for a Minor Assignment should be submitted by the hiring district than by the ARC graduate.
  • If you are teaching a subject outside of your area of study in the ARC program for no more than two periods per day you may request Minor Assignments. These subject areas must be identified as shortage areas for the school year.
  • A Minor Assignment will be valid for the school year and must align with a Temporary 90 Day Certificate or any other level of teaching certification obtained thereafter.
  • It is possible to renew a Minor Assignment for a year allowing more time to fulfill the requirements for a full cross endorsement.
  • If you need information you can refer to the SDE Cross Endorsement Facts Sheet.
  • Cross Endorsements involve adding a certificate to your existing license once you have achieved Initial Educator Certification or at any point thereafter.
  • The CT State Department of Education has established requirements regarding coursework and assessments that determine eligibility, for cross endorsement opportunities.

In case you are unable to secure a teaching position in a public school after completing the ARC Program there are several other options you can explore;

1. Consider part time or full time substitute teaching positions.
2. Look into long term substitute authorizations by completing the ED 175 Form provided by the hiring district.
3. Explore opportunities in school support roles such as intervention specialist.
4. Private school teaching is another option to consider.
5. Check out opportunities in adult/continuing education by referring to the SDE Adult Education Fact Sheet #101 Section E, Page 5 and completing the ED 170 Form.
6. If eligible consider pursuing a career in School Business Administration as detailed on Page 2 of SDE Fact Sheet #100.
7. Higher Education institutions may have openings exploring.
8. Coaching is also an option. You can refer to SDE Coaching Fact Sheet; #105 for more information on Connecticut Coaching Education Program, On Line Concussion Management Course, SDE Coaching Competencies and Approved Courses for a 5 Year Renewable Coaching Permit.

These alternatives provide avenues, for employment if securing a permanent public school teaching position proves challenging after completing the ARC Program.

K-12 Job Postings

ARC Professional Development

ARC graduates are provided:

  1. Instructional coaching upon request
  2. Access to the ARC Resource Library
  3. Access to job posting information

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